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The MISSION of the Ontario Center for Special Education is to maximize the potential of individuals with complex language, learning, and cognitive challenges through evidence-based and innovative services that facilitate learning, social, and independent living skills in an inspiring environment.

Our VISION is to be a global model in special education which cultivates and maximizes the individual gifts of those we serve to become valuable, contributing members of society.

Our MOTTO: Because we are different, we are able to make a difference.

Our Commitment

OCSE is committed to:

  • Providing a loving, caring, and luxurious home away from home environment for individuals with complex language, learning, and cognitive challenges
  • Creating personalized learning and therapeutic programs that meet the individual needs of those with moderate to severe exceptionalities
  • Providing access to internationally qualified, certified, and licensed professionals carefully selected from across the globe who will cultivate and nurture the gifts of those we serve
  • Providing learning, intervention, and therapeutic services by utilizing innovative evidence-based curriculum and advanced assistive technology
  • Providing a sense of community for families by forming parent support groups and educational workshops that address the questions and concerns they may have related to choosing the best therapeutic and learning services

We will deliver on this commitment by:

  • Decreasing the stress level of parents by giving them the reassurance and support needed to care for their loved ones
  • Supporting students in the development of their unique gifts while providing them with devices that incorporates innovative multi-disciplinary therapeutic approaches to development
  • Transforming the lives of those we serve by exposing them to a world of learning, social, and vocational development that is customized to their individual needs and abilities
  • Educating the community through workshops and forums about the positive impact and contributions that individuals with special needs can make in this world, and the ways they can provide supportive environments
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